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Agility Record Book is a free program for tracking agility records (though I do ask that you make a donation to a local animal shelter or rescue group). It started as a humble Excel spreadsheet, but that quickly grew too complicated since I wanted it to automatically calculate many things. And with all the rule differences between the venues, the macros were complex and data entry was a pain! Thus AgilityBook was born on December 28, 2002. With the help of many people in the Yahoo discussion group, various options were debated, added and tested. In July of 2003, I officially released the source code into the public domain on Source Forge. Note: Moved to GitHub at the end of December, 2017.

Supported Platforms

  • Windows XP and above (x86/x64)
  • MacOS 10.7+ (x64)
  • MacOS 10.4+ (ARB v2.4.5)
  • Not iPad
  • Not Android
  • Not Microsoft RT
  • Not any phone

Currently Supported Venues

Any questions or comments, please feel free to contact:

  • David Connet
  • Pour questions concernant la version français, pour SCC, veuillez contactez Sabine

Avid's Understanding the Universe [1/13/2018]: BCAT


ADCH-Bronze PDCH ATCH-V ACE AGCH MACH PACH4 Vaquero's Lookin For Trouble (Denny) [3/13/2007]: LAA-Bronze, SACH-Bronze, JCH-Bronze, GCH-Bronze, SCH-Bronze, RCH-Bronze, TM-Bronze, PSM, PGM, PKM, PJM, PRM, PTM, MPD; RS-E-SP, JS-E-SP, GS-E-SP, RV-E-OP, JV-E-SP, GV-E-OP; TQX, MXS, MJS, MFG, T2B5, PAX4, TQXP, MXP12, MXPB2, MXPC, MJP12, MJPG, MKJC, MFPG, MFPC, T2BP7, PDSP, PJSP; CL4


ADCH APD ATCH C-ATE MACH Nutmegan Cinnamon (Megan) [3/27/1999 - 10/8/2015]: LAA-Bronze, ATD, SACH-Bronze, GCH-Bronze, SCH-Silver, JCH-Bronze, RCH-Bronze, PD3, ASD-Bronze, AKD-Silver AJD-Bronze, PG3, PR3; RV-E-OP, JV-E-SP, GV-E-SP, RS-E, JS-E, GS-O; ExCL, ExJP, ExJU, ExSN, ExST, ExWC, ExFH; XF, NAP, NJP, NFP; EAC, EJC, OGC, TN-O;

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