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Known Bugs (and work-in-progress)

Known Bugs (as of v3.8.8):

  • 12/8/2023: [Win11] Printing defaults Portrait no matter what the option in ARB is set to when using the new Windows 11 print dialog.
    Workaround: Before actually printing, change to Landscape in the system print dialog. Also verify any other print options. You can also tell the system to use the Win10-style print dialog by modifying the register (google for "windows 11 use old print dialog box").
  • 1/1/2019: [all] Autoupdate won't work from v3.2.5 due to a bug. You must download from github or here and manually install the upgrade.
  • 12/27/2017: [mac] Downloading gets stuck unless you constantly move the mouse over the progress dialog.
  • 7/28/12: [all] IMPORTANT: Auto updating from v2.3.6 will crash. You must manually download the current version and install it. This bug has been fixed in v2.3.7 so future updates will work
  • 8/9/09: [MacOSX 10.4] The combo boxes in the properties for a run are not behaving properly - they do not allow typing in the control. I'm researching, but it's tough since this does work properly on 10.5
    Update 8/19/09: I've been told that you can paste the text into the control.
  • 8/9/09: When double clicking on a .arb file on a Mac, the program will not behave as expected. By default, the program opens the last file you had open - so double clicking any file will open that last file. If you double click a file once ARB is running, that new file will open as expected. It's just the first time ARB is opened that things are "off".
  • 4/5/09: TDAA levels for games are incorrectly configured as Beginner, Intermediate, and Superior rather than 1,2,3. For the time being, this is unlikely to be changed.
  • 3/12/08: Running the spyware prevention program 'Spyhunter' from Enigma Software will cause Agility Record Book to crash. The only known workaround at this time is to disable Spyhunter when using ARB.
    Note, as of V2, I don't know if this is still an issue.

Work to do:

  • 9/5/2021: Add a way to print (and export) judge list. Should include Location/Clubs too (all the 'Notes' items). Include option for 'all' or 'has a note'.
  • 8/16/2011: Figure out a way to move a dog up in levels when a title is earned. This needs to be able to list affected trials in case the moveup date has passed.
  • 6/4/2011: Figure out a way to let the user specify what to print on the Points page.
  • 4/5/2009: Add filtering to Calendar plugin importer
  • 3/16/2008: Add YPS to Reference Run list (currently only in dialog to enter Reference Run data).
  • 1/1/2008: Make it easier to add a club in the trial properties dialog.
  • 12/28/2007: Add ability to grab Calendar entries directly
  • 12/28/2007: Add persistence to Calendar plugin site selection
  • Make icons for venues configurable. Currently the icon is hand-coded into the configuration.
  • Add drag-drop support in the runs view to move/copy runs.
  • Add a display name to configuration items so users can safely rename items with no impact when later merging configuration changes.
  • Make the Run dialog combo boxes check the filter to 'hide' levels/etc.
  • Make TopTen (OtherPoint) visible in the Runs view.
  • Fix printing so it works with multi-line data. Possibly have printed columns managed separately from viewed columns.
  • Exporting calendar data: Generate a listing like Karey's.
  • Exporting data: Figure out a way to export Reference Run data and possibly imbedded CRCD images and linked files.
  • Add more integrity checks into the Runs dialog. For instance, if the number of faults is higher than what is allowed for title points and you enter the run as a 'Q', then it should warn about possible problems.
  • Add logic to the Runs reordering dialog so it works better. Currently, runs can only be ordered on a per-date basis. If a trial is multi-day, the reorder dialog will allow you to move a day 2 run above a day 1 run. However, when you save it, the main view will 'fix' the ordering. It would be better to prevent the wrong ordering rather than make the user wonder why things aren't what they set.

Please send any bug reports or suggestions to me!

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