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ClassInfo is a program to help instructors keep track of classes they offer and student attendance.


Current News


  • Complete Program settings (most options available in v0.5.1)



The lock on the toolbar creates a '.lock' file. Existence of this file indicates that someone is editing and you will not be allowed to edit. Since this relies on file syncing (for instance Google Drive), this may take a couple minutes before the UI knows the other person is editing. This is not fail-safe and both people could end up editing at the same time. If that happens, then you will need to resolve the difference. This should show up as a conflict in Google Drive (somehow?).

If something went wrong and the program crashed while editing, all changes will be lost (changes are only saved when you save the file). In addition, the lock file will be left behind. You can just go to where that file is and delete it.



These are classes that are currently offered (not active classes, that is the 'Classes' view).

  • WeekView: A calendar-like view of offered classes.
    This will not list inactive classes.
  • ListView: All offerings. The 'Visible' column indicates it can be seen in the WeekView.
  • Right-click:
    • 'Create class' to create a new class from an offering.
    • 'View All' to switch between the List and Calendar views.


Classes in session (and old sessions)

  • This is where the Roster and Attendance are maintained.


List of people

  • Right-click:
    • 'Delete': Delete an owner if they have no dogs. Note: if there is an associated contact, the contact will be modified to preserve the owner's contact information.
    • 'Add to Class': Add a dog to a class.


List of dogs

  • When a dog is deceased, it is marked as hidden. Also, dogs with no owner or an inactive owner are also hidden.
  • Right-click:
    • 'Delete': Delete a dog if they are not in any classes.
    • 'Add to Class': Add a dog to a class.


Contact list.

  • This is a list of both new people and people in the Owners section.
  • When a contact is marked as 'Done', it is automatically marked as hidden.
  • Right-click:
    • 'Convert': Convert a new contact into an Owner. You can then add a new dog.


  • 2024-3-11 v1.1.1
    • Bug fix
      • Mac: Fixed crash when a combobox was empty
  • 2023-12-29 v1.1.0
    • New features / Enhancements
      • Enable Ctrl+C (Copy) to allow copy to Excel
      • Add Ctrl+A (Select All)
      • Add Classes panel to Owners dialog
  • 2023-6-4 v1.0.6
    • Maintanence release
  • 2023-6-4 v1.0.5
    • New features / Enhancements
      • Make adding items to comboboxes more effecient.
  • 2023-4-2 v1.0.3
    • New features / Enhancements
      • Added an auto-updater into Windows. Will be effective in next release.
  • 2023-3-10 v1.0.2
    • New features / Enhancements
      • Change website to https
  • 2023-2-13 v1.0.1
    • New features / Enhancements
      • Updated to wxWidgets
  • 2023-2-9 v1.0.0
    • New features / Enhancements
      • Add 'Free' to roster status.
      • Add DOW to start date on Classes views.
      • Updated to wxWidgets 3.2.2
  • 2022-12-21 v0.5.9
    • Bug fixes
      • Fix 'ok' button when using search in DlgSelectDog.
      • Creating class from Offered page isn't saving any edits made in dialog.
      • Copy-Rosters/Copy-emails doesn't work on Mac
      • Fixed display of attendence data for last day of class.
  • 2022-10-2 v0.5.8
    • New features / Enhancements
      • Add Step0 to Sharing note about installing local Google Drive client.
      • Add dog management into Owners dialog.
      • Add CopyEmail option to class (similar to Copy Roster).
      • Added Search to Dog Select, remove Owner dropdown. Always show owner name.
    • Bug fixes
      • Fix issue where changing the deceased flag on the dog wouldn't save changes.
  • 2022-6-21 v0.5.7
    • New features / Enhancements
      • Added F7 as accelerator for Settings dialog.
      • Added FullName display and sort options.
      • Remember column widths.
      • Renamed 'Contacts' to 'Inquires'.
      • Renamed 'Call Name' to 'Dog'.
    • Bug fixes
      • When editing a contact, then click Convert, the modified data is not used.
  • 2022-5-4 v0.5.6
    • When creating a new class (or owner), ignore the last active tab.
    • Removed ReleaseNotes menu item.
  • 2022-4-27 v0.5.5
    • Moved dropin status from Attendance to Roster, exposed in Roster dialog
    • Combined dropin and paid status into a single item. Dropins no longer count against a classes enrolled count.
    • Fixed HiDPI issues on Mac
  • 2022-4-20 v0.5.4
    • When entering Attendance, default to first date not entered.
    • Adding dogs to Roster, use owner + dog comboboxes (not just dog)
    • When converting a contact to an owner, copy the notes also. When deleting an owner, append the owner notes to any contacts. Contact and owner notes are otherwise independent.
    • Add dog and contact pages to Owner dialog
    • Copy to clipboard: Roster info: CallName, Owner, Email list, Phone list
      • From Class view or button in Class dialog (roster page)
  • 2022-4-13 v0.5.3
    • Implemented delete for Owners or Dogs - however, Owners with dogs or Dogs with classes will not be deleted.
  • 2022-3-24 v0.5.2
    • Added start date to AddToClass combobox. Also suppress classes that have completed (but are not yet hidden).
    • Implemented Add in class roster dialog
    • AddToClass from Owner: When owner has multiple dogs, ability to select 1 dog
    • Make ClassName, Instructor, DogBreed a list of existing entries to make editing easier.
    • Add a default list of dog breeds (obtained from AKC)
  • 2022-3-16 v0.5.1
    • Added column in views to show visibility
    • Added File->Properties
    • Added beginning of Options dialog
    • Added auto update check at program start
    • Note: Released in files so I wouldn't break emailed links.
  • 2022-3-14 v0.5.0
    • Delete is not implemented for Owners or Dogs
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